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Q: How do I find someone in the book ?
A: There is a searchbox in the top right of the top navigation bar. Enter their first and or last name, Click on their name. You will be taken to their name in the list of names.
If there is a roundel motif Celebration iconagainst their name then they also have a dedication
Select their name to read about them.


Q: How do I edit a dedication that I have already created ?
A: You will need to Login then clicking on their name will take you to page where you will see the option to 'Edit' at the top of the page.


Q: How do I add a dedication to a friend or relative not listed in the book ?
A: If their name does not have a roundel motif against their name, then click on their name;
You will be asked for an Access Code which you will have to request from us as we will first need to verify your eligibility.
Once you receive this Access Code, you will need to Login then add your dedication and photos.

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Q: How do I add a message tribute to someone in the book?
A: If someone has a roundel against their name you will not need an Access Code.First Login then you can add a 140 character message.
Create a tribute for longer contributions including images and even YouTube video to a person in the book.


Q: Why are there 2 chapters listing legacy givers in this book?
A: There is one chapter for persons making a Legacy for RNIB and another in support of Action for Blind People.


Q: I'm still stuck, can you help me?
A: Of course, we very much value your contributions so please email us and we'll be happy to assist.

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