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What We Do

Emotional and practical support

We offer emotional and practical support through our Helpline and Emotional Support Service. We also offer advice about money, eye health and how to access local services.
We provide education and employment services and advice that enables people with sight loss to retain and gain jobs.

Campaigning for you

We campaign to ensure proven treatments for sight-threatening conditions are available on the NHS. We also campaign to raise awareness of sight issues including how to prevent sight problems.

Find out more about campaigning.

Improving educational opportunities

We aim to improve educational opportunities for blind and partially sighted children and adults, including those with complex needs.

We offer learning opportunities through our own RNIB schools and colleges. We also offer advice on other educational services and specific advice and support for education professionals.

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Making services more accessible

We work to make services more accessible such as transport, shopping and banking to enable more people with sight loss to live independently. We also work to influence partners across the world to make using products and technology easier.

Find out more about the services we offer.

Attend a supporter reception

Attend a supporter reception to learn more about our vital work and discover opportunities to get more involved.

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